Geodiversity of The Middle East

In celebrating the UNESCO’s International Geodiversity Day, the Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong (AGHK) has been organising a series of workshop starting from January until November of 2022. The main themes of the workshops are based on the geodiversity of all continents around the globe except Antarctica. Four workshops had already been organised respectively on Asia, Tonga eruption, Europe and Latin America. The upcoming workshop will focus on the geodiversity of The Middle East. This is a region of unique geology and landforms accompanied by an extremely diverse culture and long history. Due to its political complications in recent decades, its geodiversity has seldom been publicised and is little known to many people around the globe. We are therefore pleased to invite four key speakers in the region to share their knowledge and works in this respect as part of our efforts to provide a better picture of the geodiversity of all the continents of the world.   


Date:  27 July 2022 (Wed)

Time:  Hong Kong Time (UTC+8:00)

 19:15 – 19:30 Registration

 19:30 – 22:00 Presentations, Q & A

 Iran: 16:00

 Iraq and Lebanon: 14:30

 Egypt 13:30

Topics and speakers:

1. Geodiversity of Lebanon – A resource for sustainable development & the need for geo-education by Dr. Soumaya Ayadi, Saint Joseph University of Beirut, Lebanon

2. Geodiversity and climate change of Egypt by Dr. Enas Ahmed, University of Matrouh, Egypt

3. Geodiversity of Iraq by Prof. Amera Ismael Hussain, Tikrit University, Iraq

4. Geodiversity of the geologist’s paradise, Iran by Mr. Alireza Amrikazemi, Director of Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark, Iran

Language: English

Fee: free

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Brief biography of speakers

Dr. Soumaya Ayadi is an academic with working experience in the private sector. She teaches Geology, Hydrology and Environment at the Faculties of Sciences and Engineering at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut.  She is an expert geologist for the Shouf Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon and for the environmental consulting company MORES sarl. She is currently the President and Head Scientist of the Association for Community and Environment which works on conservation of geological heritages. She is also the coordinator of the national chapter of the International Association for Promoting Geoethics and the representative of the African Geopark Network in Lebanon. Dr. Ayadi is currently leading the establishment of the first geopark in Lebanon.

Dr. Enas Ahmed is a vertebrate paleontologist by profession. She is a lecturer in paleontology and geotourism in the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Sciences, University of Matrouh in the Matrouch Governorate of Egypt. Her expertise is in vertebrate paleontology, sustainable development, environmental impact assessment in Egypt and Africa. She was the first female member of the UNESCO Geoparks Council and is passionate in promoting awareness of both tangible and intangible heritages, geoparks and geotourism with the objectives of improving the livelihood and building socially and economically resilient local communities.

Prof. Amera Ismael Hussain is teaching geology in the Applied Geology Department, College of Science in Tikrit University, Iraq. She graduated from University of Baghdad, Iraq and University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, UK. She is a master and doctorate degrees supervisor and her research interests comprise structural geology, geoheritage, geopark and geodiversity. She has authored and translated several important books in Arabic and Kurdish languages such as ‘Engineering properties of soil and methods of testing, ‘Volcanoes and Earthquakes’ and ‘Principles of Plate Tectonics and application’.   

Mr. Alireza Amrikazemi is a geologist and Head of Geoheritage and Geotourism Department of the Geological Survey of Iran since 1991. He is the director of Qeshm Island UNESCO Global Geopark and Chair of the National Iranian Geoparks Network as well as a member of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Council. He is also a senior advisor in several national and some global geoparks. Alireza’s research interests are in identifying, assessing and evaluating sites for potential geoparks and geotourism development. He has authored and co-authored several important books such as the ‘Geotourism Atlas of Qeshm Island’ and ‘Geoheritage Atlas of Iran’. He is also a director of several documentary films such as ‘Geological Phenomena of Iran’, ‘Geo Beauty’ and co-director of ‘Another Iran, Qeshm, Delicate Paradise’.

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