Our Team

Our Team

Raji Maasri

Raji Maasri, a founder of ACE, is a senior environmental expert and general manager of MORES s.a.r.l.. He has amassed extensive international experience in environmental consulting and in development. He values cultural artisanal work, the arts, and the scaling up of handicrafts. His appreciation of byzantine and Phoenician cultures led him to focus on cultural projects, like hiking trails in “forgotten cities” and the construction of a seaworthy “Phoenician Boat Project” to shed light on Canaanite communities and economic development through agriculture, maritime trading and exchange of traditional artisanal vocations between Mediterranean coastal communities.

Dr. Soumaya Ayadi

Dr Soumaya Ayadi is an academic with more than 17 years of work experience in the private sector. She is a lecturer and coordinator of Geology and Environment at the faculties of sciences and engineering at Saint Joseph University (USJ). She is a member of the African Association of Women in Geosciences and a representative of the African Geopark Network. She is the coordinator of the national chapter of the International Association for Promoting Geo-ethics. She leads the scientists at ACE and has been focusing on the valorization of geodiversity and the conservation of Geo-heritage. She is constantly raising awareness on geo-Ethics and geo-hazards. She is also managing resilience projects with communities; and trains on the sustainable agriculture with association of bedrock with the top soil.

Some of her recent projects:

  • Protection through Valorization of three Heritage Geosites in Lebanon in a Perspective of Sustainable Development
  • Strengthening eco-citizen capacities through education for sustainable development, via a Lebanese ‘lithothèque’ an E-platform
  • Participation à l’évènement Parlez-moi recherche avec l’ambassade de la France

Sabine Al-Khazen

Sabine El-Khazen is a geographer with extensive experience in environmental consulting, mainly in the development of impact assessment studies. She has been working for more than 17 years in the private sector, mainly related to solid waste management in Lebanon and the Maghreb countries and economic development planning. Sabine follows up on requests for proposals and international funding opportunities. She focuses on environmental protection, strategic land use planning, capacity building and awareness raising; and coordinates with partner entities.