The Union of Municipalities of Tyre Caza (UoMT) has been collaborating with the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon since 2006 for increasing its capacities and improving delivery of services in disaster risk management and rapid response. Phase 1 of the project, entitled Emergency Responsiveness Initiative in Tyre Caza, was successfully implemented and completed between 2012 and 2014. Phase 2, implemented between 2015 and 2016, focused on enhancing capacities of key players, the Union, and the community in Disaster Risk Management in general and Rapid Response in particular. As part of phase 2, Al Masaken area was selected to form a pilot area for mainstreaming disaster risk management in Tyre Caza and implementing a comprehensive disaster risk plan through multi-stakeholder involvement, awareness raising for the community, forming key action groups/area task force, contingency planning and multi‐hazard preparedness.

Objectives of Action:
Enhance resilience of Al Masaken area in rapid response during disasters and to develop capacities of residents in the area to ensure that minimal gap in time and distance exists between the disaster event and the response that follows.

Results of Action:
– Enhanced awareness of local communities, including women, on Disaster Risks and Preparedness.
– A local committee to communicate and cooperate with the central Rapid Response Unit (RRU) in the UoTM formed volunteer group (6-7 persons) to act as first responders during a disaster formed and trained.
– Risks and vulnerabilities in area identified and mapped (base and hazard maps developed for area).
– Roles and responsibilities of main stakeholders defined and made known. Communication mechanisms established between main stakeholders and with central RRU in Tyre.
– Emergency container procured and equipped with health and safety and other emergency equipment that can be accessed by volunteer neighborhood teams and first responders during disasters.